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History of

Osprey House

Osprey House is a special place, it was born out of the drive, determination and passion of a small group of people.

Construction commenced on 8th January 1996 and the first stage, which included the building and boardwalk behind the mangroves opened to the public on 18th March 1996 in time for the RAMSAR Convention.

By July 1996 when the boardwalks, amphitheatre and bird hide were completed, A team of dedicated volunteers, originally formed by the Pine Rivers Shire Council in March 1996, carried out the day to day operation.


In 2005 Osprey House became a member of the Land for Wildlife program.

On 30th August, 2006 the Pine Rivers Shire Council installed a  nesting platform at the eastern end of the Osprey House car park. The nesting platform was built on a 21 metre high pole and provides a safe and secure nesting site.


The platform is equipped with a monitoring camera which provides a view of any birds that nest or roost on the platform. This can be viewed from a monitors located inside Osprey House. The nesting site was prepared with sticks to help attract prospective breeding pairs.

The platform was replaced with a repurposed satellite dish in early 2022. The cameras were replaced in 2023 for the second time.

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