Look & Learn

Osprey House can present "Look & Learn" programs that run from 5 to thirty minutes in duration.

The following subjects are covered;

  • Bushtucker - covers what bushtucker Osprey House has and its uses + viewing.
  • Dugong - covers the biology of the dugong and why there are non in the local area.
  • Eastern Osprey - covers the life and habits of our local Osprey + viewing.
  • Endangered Species - explains local species that are endangered, why & what we can do to help.
  • Koalas - covers the life and habits of the koala + viewing.
  • Mangroves - explains the importance of mangroves and the local species. + viewing
  • Raptors - covers the life and habits of our local raptors + viewing.
  • Residential Birds - covers the life and habits of non-migratory birds + viewing.
  • Re-use, Re-Cycle - explains good re-cycling practices.
  • Shorebirds - covers migratory birds and their habits, best from Oct - Mar + viewing.
  • Renewable Energy - explains what renewable energy is and how it can be used.
  • Water-use - explains how to be water efficient in the home.
  • Worm Farm - shows a working worm farm.

Programs can be targeted, on request, from child-care level to our Senior Citizens. For groups of more than four (4) please contact to arrange a suitable date and time.